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Corporate strategy

The main objective:

To provide more favourable business conditions and the best goods to its stockholders. As far as its business partners are concerned, the company offers the most favourable business conditions including four international markets, a large sales-volume, a wide and well-built selling network represented by its stockholders and, last but not least, the COOP EURO company has proven to be a guarantee of financial soundness.

Company Identity
  • is set up on the basis of requirements of four territories and bears their signs, COOP EURO operates by the side of the COOP national centrals
  • reacts to the developing trends of business and production in the European region
  • joins the potential of transformed consumer cooperative systems in Central Europe

Our vision
  • To strengthen the position of our members on the local markets by joining the local priorities on international level
  • To stabilize COOP EURO as an international strategic buying alliance
Our mission
  • to maximize the benefits of joint-buying operations at the lowest costs
  • to enable to our shareholders to gain benefits of globally operating chains